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■ Anonymous (ID: ULf/DEDk)s*i 12/20/20(Sun)14:39:31 No.297702139 much the same way, the Slavic community faces these barriers to parity and to equity As a result, * ' < experiences of the Slavic community have much solidarity with other communities of ^color. Earlier waves of immigrants from

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S-word: only a slav can call another slav slav.
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Anakin Skywalker SW Персонажи Звездные Войны фэндомы Padme Amidala horny doge 

*- •• I am haunted by the kiss you never should have given me.,Anakin Skywalker,SW Персонажи,Звездные Войны,Star Wars,фэндомы,Padme Amidala,horny doge

Marceline adventure time фэндомы Princess Bubblegum adventure time shipping pedrokrugerart 

Marceline,Марселин - Королева Вампиров, Марселин,adventure time,время приключений,фэндомы,Princess Bubblegum,Бубльгум - Принцесса конфетного королевства, бубльгум, принцесса бубльгум,adventure time shipping,pedrokrugerart