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Dungeons and Dragons — система правил для настольных ролевых игр.

Каждый персонаж — «приключенец», относящийся к одному из так называемых классов.

Класс персонажа —  основная профессия или карьера персонажа, ниша, которую он занимает. 

Это самая общая его характеристика, которая сжимает образ персонажа до одного (реже двух-трёх) слов.

Изначально классов было три — воин, жрец и маг, вскоре добавился четвёртый — вор.

Впоследствии количество классов то возрастало, то убывало, но эти четыре основных оставались сердцевиной классовой системы. 

Персонажи в D&D растут по уровням.

Уровень — показатель развития персонажа, его профессионального или иного мастерства, общей силы и значимости. 

Количество уровней варьируется от редакции к редакции; изначально их было двадцать.

Потом были введены отдельные правила для эпик персонажей,  позволяющие играть до тридцатого уровня. 

Персонаж первого уровня — зелёный новичок, двенадцатого — король, двадцатого — полубог, тридцатого — полноценный бог. 

У персонажей D&D шесть атрибутов.

Атрибут — первичная характеристика определяющая потенциальные возможности персонажа.

Сила (Strength) — крепость мышц, выносливость, стойкость персонажа, ...

Ловкость (Dexterity)  — проворство, скорость реакции, координация движений, ... 

Телосложение (Constitution) — физические данные; здоровье, стойкость, ...

Интеллект (Intelligence) — ментальная способность: глубина ума; рассудительность, способность к обучению, ...

Мудрость (Wisdom) — ментальная способностть: житейска мудрость; сообразительность, интуиция, сила воли, ... 

Обаяние (Charisma) — внутренняя сила; обаяние, способности к лидерству, ...

Эта система атрибутов послужила прототипом всех остальных и поныне служит стандартом для различных ролевых игр. 

Сеттинг, в котором ищут приключений герои D&D, может быть различным, но, как правило, это героическое фэнтези.

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Darkest Dungeon Игры Dungeons & Dragons Tuz-oh 

by Tuz-oh,Darkest Dungeon,Игры,Dungeons & Dragons,Подземелья и Драконы, D&D, dnd, днд,Tuz-oh

The Pelagics
Many eons beyond counting, before the Ancestor was born, before the Manor was built on the hill, even before the Hamlet was founded, a race of abhorrend creatures with half-fish half -human features called this land their home.
Remnants of their civilization can be found littered

Pelagic Shaman
Drowned Thrall
The sorcerers and religious leaders of the eerie Pelagics, the Pelagic Shamans are just as hostile as the other ancient dwellers of the ocean and the Cove, and is a terrible foe in its own right. Instead of relying on brute force to defend their sacred waters, the

Deep Stinger
Mysterious, elegant, ethereal, and even hauntingly beautiful, the Deep Stinger is a giant jellyfish-like creature that, like their marine cousins, gracefully floats through the salty air of the Cove. When they encounter prey, they attack and immobilize them with their paralyzing and

Human women who are unfortunately not killed by the malignent Pelagic on their raids are abducted into the darkest depths of the cove.
It is unknown what unspeakable rituals and perverse incantations produce a creature such as the Siren, a malformed abomination of desceptive allurement.

The Drowned Crew
In his search for eldritch knowledge the Ancestor grew weary of the prying eyes along the roads to the Hamlet. So he decided to have his more questionable deliveries recieved by marine shipments. For this purpose he employed a crew of particularly unsavory mariners, who would

Beast are savage animals that have been tainted by the spreading darkness or awakened by those who trespass into their ancient domain.
Maggots are the larval form of the common housefly. They are found anywhere where death is prevalent and rotting meat can be found in abundance,

As the corruption spread across the Estate, its malefic influence turned many mostly harmless creatures into monstrous beasts. The Spiders being an excellent example of this. Once upon a time, these arachnids were a small, ordinary species native to these lands that solely preyed upon

Rabid Gnasher
Medium beast, unaligned
Rabid Gnasher
These poor beasts were warped and twisted to bear the likeness of the Weald as it is now; a blackened evil that seeks nothing but death. The Gnashers are very agile beasts found in the Weald, and will never be alone, for they hunt in menacing

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il " s
Created by <lm•ittr.tumMr.com * Artwork by Red Hook Studio«,Darkest Dungeon,Игры,Dungeons & Dragons,Подземелья и Драконы, D&D, dnd, днд,Tuz-oh

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'"'CL,	«i
‘VS	•*- J11 k>
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^ 7Ä“"

Brigand Pounder
One of the powerful cannons used by the “Brigands Brigade” to quench the uprising in the hamlet.
Brigand 8 Pounder
Large Object
Brigand Bloodletter
One of the members of the infamous "Brigands Brigade",

Created by <lmfur.lumblr.cocTi * Artwork by Red Hook Studio*,Darkest Dungeon,Игры,Dungeons & Dragons,Подземелья и Драконы, D&D, dnd, днд,Tuz-oh

Bone Defender
Bone Arbalist
Once a proud shieldbearer, the Bone Defenders were honorable and loyal soldiers that served the family in ages long since passed. Holding the line on the battlefield with shield and trusty axe, those who were slain on the field of battle were given a place within the

Bone Courtier
There are innumerable graves, tombs and crypts within the Ruins, serving as final resting places for many of the people who used to call that place home. These burial grounds are filled with servants, warriors, and heroes alike, people that served the great family with honor and

One of his earliest pursuits for forbidden knowledge, the Ancestor began to conduct experiments which would grant him mastery over life and death.
His experiments started out small and humble but his ambition and his experiments grew so large that he needed help. So, he invited

Devoted and fanatical followers of the Old Gods, they were drawn to the Estate by either witnessing visions of or hearing rumors about the thing that sleeps within the depths of the Darkest Dungeon. Up until recently, these heretics used to practice their dark and blasphemous religion in

A deranged lunatic that recently escaped from the local insane asylum. Ceaselessly tormented by terrifying visions and revelations he traveled to the Estate in the hopes of finally finding the source of what haunts his mind. However, what he found there did not give him peace, but instead

The Prophet
Around the same time the Ancestor began the excavations beneath the Manor, there arrived a man at the Hamlet, and he decried publicly that the Ancestor was a harbinger of doom if he wasn't stopped. While appearing to be a dirty homeless man, this Prophet seemed to possess an uncanny

Swine Folk
Many years ago, when the Ancestor still had a small vestige of human decency left within him, he decided to use pigs as test subjects for his grim experiments rather than humans. Since the flesh of pigs is so similar to that of humans, they made nearly perfect vessels for the eldritch

Swine Chopper
This large, brutish and disgusting hybrid of man and pig is the one of the more common and healthier specimens of the Swinefolk, serving simultaneously as meat butchers and warriors. When not ferociously butchering the cold and mangled flesh of his soon-to-be dinner, the Swine

Swine Prince & Wilbur
After countless failures in the Ancestor’s pursuit to summon beings from the outer spheres, which resulted in the creation of the Swinefolk and other far more horrid abominations, he eventually managed to summon a particularly powerful entity, and the pig it possessed grew

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^ mL qJSS •*'—* -î. vÜTïT
‘S1- ^ <1K
‘°U‘»^ P«*L
Swine Prince Large beast, chaotic evil		Wilbur Small beast, chaotic evil
Armor Class 12 (Armor Scraps) Hit Points 157 (15d12 +60) Speed 30 ft.		Armor Class 15 (Armor Scraps) Hit Points 34 (4d12 + 8) Speed 30

The Flesh (Head) Medium monstrosity, chaotic evil	The Flesh (Bone) Medium monstrosity, chaotic evil
Armor Class 12 (Natural Armor) Hit Points 66 (7d12 + 21) Speed 30 ft.	Armor Class 16 (Natural Armor) Hit Points 66 (7d12 + 21) Speed 30 ft.
STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA 16 (+3) 8 (-1) 16 (+3) 2 (-4) 12

The Flesh (Heart)
Medium monstrosity, chaotic evil
Armor Class 10 (Natural Armor) Hit Points 66 (7d 12 + 21)
Speed 30 ft.
8 (-1)	8 (-1)	16 (+3)	2 (-4)	14 (+2)	6 (-2)
Saving Throws Con +4 Damage Resistances poison Condition Immunities blinded, charmed, deafened,


Critical Role Dungeons & Dragons Nott the Brave art 

JHBSS! ^ /J \ Jk j S4s À ш" I ^sss¿Щ A à _r>> .^¡ДИ|ДИ| **màL ^В^ЯВ ( gà f >rJMW i АП JR m,Critical Role,Dungeons & Dragons,Подземелья и Драконы, D&D, dnd, днд,Nott the Brave,art,арт


красивые картинки art Fantasy dwarf d&d Martin Kirby 

Desert Dwarves

красивые картинки,art,арт,Fantasy,Fantasy art,dwarf,d&amp;d,Martin Kirby

Dungeons & Dragons гоблин решка воин эволюция песочница 

Когда решил поиграть за гоблина война

1. Набросок 

Dungeons & Dragons,Подземелья и Драконы, D&D, dnd, днд,гоблин,решка,воин,эволюция,песочница

2. Задумка на персонажа

Dungeons & Dragons,Подземелья и Драконы, D&D, dnd, днд,гоблин,решка,воин,эволюция,песочница

3. Цветовая схема

Dungeons & Dragons,Подземелья и Драконы, D&D, dnd, днд,гоблин,решка,воин,эволюция,песочница

4. Быстротокен

Dungeons & Dragons,Подземелья и Драконы, D&D, dnd, днд,гоблин,решка,воин,эволюция,песочница

5. Детальный портрет персонажа с долей реализма.

Dungeons & Dragons,Подземелья и Драконы, D&D, dnd, днд,гоблин,решка,воин,эволюция,песочница

6. Играем, фигли. 13 харизмы и теперь она скорее милая, чем криповая...

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Critical Role Dungeons and Dragons песочница 

Игра на английском языке, отыгрывают они хорошо и я ни раз получал удовольствие во время просмотра их игр. Сейчас же вышел музыкальный трейлер к... их ролёвке. Выглядит здорово. Зацените!


red dragon Dungeons and Dragons Воины (Fantasy) Fantasy art Мифические существа Bruno Cesar 

red dragon,Dungeons and Dragons,Воины (Fantasy),Воины(Fantasy),Fantasy,Fantasy art,art,арт,Мифические существа,Bruno Cesar

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Dungeons and Dragons art Critical Role Nott the Brave 

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красивые картинки art Fantasy d&d markmolchan orc shaman 

orc shaman

Картинка уже была http://joyreactor.cc/post/761291, но у меня разрешение побольше.
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